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What Can I Do for Memory Improvement?

There are several outside forces that can affect one's memory. As has been found in many other areas, diet is one link to impairing memory. Another well-known affecter of our memory is lack of physical exercise. Of course, there are foreign substances we put into our unsuspecting bodies, such as drugs or alcohol, even prescription drugs can have a negative effect. Injuries or traumatic events can affect memories, as can diseases. Inadequate mental and indeed even spiritual stimulation has long been known to damage our minds, bodies and emotions.

Let's explore the life stressors in connection with memory impairment. If you have a life that is in turmoil on a daily basis, unorganized and over packed with activities, never allowing yourself adequate care, your memory is certain to develop some degree of suffering. It is surely something that will require some thought and time to repair. You must first take stock of your priorities. How well do you care for your mind and body? Maybe you think a quick rush to the gym will do the trick. The key here is 'rush'.

Rushing around is one area where we cause our mental health to suffer. Long-term turmoil is not our friend, and rushing is something that can become an unwelcome habit. Some people who crave a smoother, more relaxing routine have to actually be taught how to achieve it because they have become so accustomed to rushing through their day.

There may be more than one area you'll have to change in your life to obtain memory improvement. One important step to healthy memory function is to get more oxygen to your brain. Proper blood flow and plenty of oxygen are two factors that must not be overlooked. You can achieve these by learning breathing exercises. This can help clear your mind, give it a boost, and relieve stress. Even if it is only temporary, it is still an important step in beginning your journey to memory improvement.

Another important step to improvement is eating properly. A well-rounded diet can benefit in many ways, and often the benefits to memory function are overlooked. The diet can affect the physical health, obviously. But if you aren't in good physical health, how can you also be in the best health mentally? The mind depends on the body to work at its best for the mind to work well.

What about the living environment? Can a dirty home affect your memory? Maybe it sounds absurd, but yes, it can. If your senses are constantly subjected to anything negative, it will begin to affect your brain health. A clean home doesn't just look better, it can increase your happiness and sense of peace, which will in turn calm you and allow your mind and memory to focus on more productive thoughts.

Not only does the sight of your clean home allow improvement in your life, the smell of a clean home can be uplifting as well. So, bring out those candles or potpourri, room sprays, and cleaning supplies!


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