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The reliability of memory is still a question as in most cases it is distorted by suggestions. The certainty of memory depends on the encryption it had on the mind of individual and the duration too. As we mentioned earlier that diminishing memory is a result of neurons malfunction, there are three ways that can help us identify factors that can stimulate or memory. We should figure out ways to stop neurons from dying and stimulate growth of new neurons and by getting to have the existing neurons function efficiently. Memory i.e is chemical compound known as Ampakines enhances neurons functioning. Other ways generic ways to improve memory is to start taking memory training and practicing games such as cross words, brainteasers and other memory exercises. Apart from them consuming healthy diet rich in Omega 3 fats and antioxidants also helps. Five small meal patterns should be followed as it prevents blood sugar from lowering i.e the primary source of energy to the brain. Jogging and brisk walks helps in blood circulation and have been proved to reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease. Getting proper sleep and stress reduction helps curtailing the production of cortisol in our body that harms memory and is known to shrink memory center in brain.

Regular practice helps us give a jog to our memory that is as fruitful as the physical jogging. We should let our brain run thru as many facts it retains and associate each with some picture, color or number to make it easier for recall. But accuracy of recall depends on proper functioning of three aspect of brain that part that form, stores and receives memory. At times dreams are made of distorted memories we usually club our experiences with a particular memory creating a new situation altogether.

People who have suffered head injuries or suffer any kind of pain otherwise tend to be more forgetful according to one of the studies. The study goes on to suggest that chronic pain leads to brain shrinkage and degradation of neurons. People with emotional distress and chronic pain are more susceptible to brain atrophy. Varying pains have varying effects on brain and affects different regions in our brain. Such conditions can be improved and memory can be improvised by realistic psychotherapy and medication.

It is often observed that we remember traumatic events better than happier moments. It is associated with a certain type of protein produced in our brain while we go thru that experience and makes it embedded in the long-term memory zone of our brain. These proteins help in strengthening the connection in neurons acting as a catalyst in memory storage. This study is being used now to improve memory conditions by treating our brain with the same kind of protein to make our memory everlasting. Another study goes on to prove that zinc helps to improve memory especially in children. This study has been used at the grass root level by more health drink and medical supplement manufacturers who target their zinc fortified drink, cereal and nutritional supplements to adolescents.

There are ayurvedic cures in the market that claim to guarantee similar results like "Memocare" the product is a mix of herbs that promises to reduce stress and anxiety. It also promises to accelerate brain function and improve memory. There are hosts of other companies too offering similar promises like Brain quicken that claims to be effective in one hour but it mainly targets to improve short-term memory. Its constituents are a complex mix of nutrients and other propriety constituents.


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