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Recover Diminishing Memory

There are various ways to recover diminishing memory. Few aids have been discovered to assist them entire procedure such as Memory Lifter it helps in memorizing vocabulary or language. Hormonal therapy is used in women to help their retarding memory due to menopausal hormonal change in the body. It has proved the hormonal therapy has direct and immediate on the critical part of brain that controls memory functions.

It also lowers the risk of Alzheimer in women. However more research is going into this study and few experts have criticized this therapy. But critics have also criticized Mnemonics and mention that this technique is not 100 accurate actually no technique is 100% fool proof as there is always room for one to forget and Mnemonics and its dynamics are complicated for people who are unaware of Esperanto grammar besides it also carry some costs. There is also this myth that with age memory detoriates but it's not true for all as few people are less prone to memory loss and Alzheimer because a well trained mind is stronger than other system of our body and though it does loses some neurons due to ageing but a lot depends on training and knowledge. Popping pills are considered to be a solution by many but the supplements just makes our body healthier and thus automatically affecting the activeness of our brain hence no memory pill is a magic pill to boost memory. But still there are many who believe in consuming memory food to enhance their memory. Though taking regular vitamins and minerals are good for health and body but excess of anything is harmful and it goes for the herb Ginkgo Biloba too.

If eaten to excess it can cause bleeding in the brain. Hence the most reliable treatment is consumption of green fruits and antioxidants rich fruits and vegetables. Monitoring depression and anxiety helps in recovering from memory loss besides a relaxed brain and body gets the mind in an active frame. Iron is also a stimulator of neuron transmitter that helps in functioning of memory properly.

In long run our brain is impaired and memory is affected by the usage of drug as the chemicals reacts with our body the neurons are inflicted and lost. Nicotine and alcohol have been proved to cause memory loss. Smoking and drinking can cause stroke or other heart ailments that interfere with the flow of neuron to our body causing memory loss. Stimulants like tea and coffee are good in adequate quantity as they keep us alert when we want to without causing neurotic damage. Memory loss can also happen if an information or knowledge has not been used for a considerable amount of time it becomes susceptible to be lost or needs brushing up. One can also improve their memory by the usage of memory optimizer. A process that uses the memory effectively. This includes learning and detailing all the information and skills and recalling them. Information decays and degrades over the period of time and needs to be replenished often. At times one information supercedes another information and is well retained than the first one. At times it is observed that people tend to forget information due to stress or pressure for e.g during exams howsoever well read the student is but gets nervous and forgets the answer. These are short-term memory loss as in most cases the memory springs back rather than being lost forever.

In women pregnancy also affects their memory due to the hormonal changes that occur in their body. Due to biological changes in their body women suffer from stress and tension and this leads to the neuron settings in their brain being disturbed. But they usually overcome that thru the supplements or post pregnancy.


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